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AllHallows Parish Meeting 2013

Chair Report

Welcome to the annual parish meeting, another year gone already: more cuts in the county council budget – meant less money to spend on our roads etc.  Once again rural areas suffer. Cuts to public transport, the potential loss of a large number of street lights in the rural areas, grass cutting grants also cut, and more and more applications for wind turbines applied for this year, bringing Cumbria to over 62 per cent.

Playing fields and Play park

The Fencing and gates around the large playing field have been completed; this will enable us to have a dog free zone. The drainage is nearly done and the play park is well maintained. We continue to have our yearly inspection from ABC and we also have a monthly inspection which we carry out ourselves.


Once again the allotments are all let, and the waiting list is well down on last year. We continue to have our two monthly inspections by the pest control officer. They are also inspected by myself on a monthly basis and any problems dealt with. The allotments are a vital part of the community.

AllHallows Centre

The centre continues to be very busy, with regular bookings every week. It also has regular fund raising by the community. The wall to the rear of the building has been repaired by the parish council. We are due to have a building survey done by Rick Bowness who has offered this service free of charge. This will detail any work that needs to be done which is urgent on non-urgent.  The building is really old and beginning to show its age. The committee have been talking about grants to do major work to the building. It is without doubt it is a vital part of this community and we need to look forward to the future. If the way forward is by obtaining grants to update the heating system then hopefully this is what we can achieve. We have a very hard working and committed management committee and should be encouraged for constantly giving up their valuable time in order to keep this centre running.  My thanks to the committee.


Janet thanks again for editing the newsletter, and to everyone who helps deliver them. Laurie Mansfield also keeps the website up to date, so anyone with a computer, this is another way of keeping people informed of what the parish council are doing and of course they are very welcome to come to the meetings if they so wish.

Aspatria Rural Partnership

The partnership is still on track with regular meetings, this year we voted to contribute to the cost of a coordinator for the partnership. This is a time consuming part of the group and we felt in order to progress with projects which the group has identified as important to their parishes, we needed someone who could push this forward. We have secured funding of £9000 towards our entire stories project. This enables the archaeological survey of the Roman fort in Blennerhasset. Through this people can also research the history of their homes in Baggrow and Blennerhasset. Also this year, the transport group which is part of the ARP found enough funding to buy a community mini bus. They already have a list of volunteers. We are working really well together as a group and are happy for outher parish councils in the area to join us if they would like. Allerdale Bourgh council have stated that it is committed to work with and support the partnership.

As a parish council, we work really well together. We are all individuals, and have our own views on matters. That’s good.  It makes for a good debate and that’s the way it should be. So I thank you for being part of what I think is a good team. I would like to thank Audrey for being my vice chair, and Trevor, our clerk, for putting up with me and keeping us on the right track. I have been on this parish council for over 18 years, and seen lots of changes all for the better, (except the county council cuts of course). Before I finish, on a happy note, I would like to wish Simon Reed and Lesley Douglas, who has now become Mrs Reed, our very best wishes for the future, congratulations.