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AllHallows Parish Meeting 2012

Welcome to the annual parish meeting

This year was our first year for the best kept garden, tub, window box, and allotment competition. As with anything you do you don’t always get it right the first time, so our next one will have a few changes made. The amount of beautiful gardens hidden away was tremendous. I had no idea what was hidden away in our parish. The people who won the prizes really deserved them. They obviously put in a lot of time and effort and enjoy what they have done.  The judge was really impressed with everyone’s efforts not just the winners but the whole of the parish.

Allhallows Centre

This year has seen steady regular bookings throughout and the committee works really hard to make every event a success. There are regular quiz nights, bingo, zumba, choir, jazz and much more going on. I feel our parish council is very fortunate to have such a hard working committed centre committee who run the centre. As I do every year, I would like to say thank you. Especially to Carline who does an awful lot.

Parish Cluster News, Aspatria Rural Partnership

This year saw the launch of our plan which was reasonably well attended. After 2 years it was nice at last to have a plan which we could send to all the relevant authorities and to be able to say this is our plan and ask them how they could implement it.

The partnership is due to look through the plan at our next meeting and start to address some of the actions which were identified in it. From the partnership was the roads and transport group which was also set up addressing highways and transport issues. We have had a setback with this because of the restructuring of the county council. At our last meeting Jonathan Smith attended who is the highways transport manager. Jonathan did say that he had quickly gone through our roads and transport plan and the issues which he wasn’t able to deal with he had passed on to the relevant people so we will be working with those people to try and address those issues.

We are already in discussion about flooding issues and I hope to let you know in the near future, what, if anything, can be done.

Also from the group, a village hall group was set up which has met three of four time to discuss ways of working together. The centre here is part of the group and found it really helpful to talk to other halls committee members and discuss a number of issues.

Therefore, another positive year for the partnership group.

While talking about the county council, sadly Mike Johnson had to resign as our county councillor which was due to the restructuring. Mike was really keen on helping the parish and certainly was able to address a number of issues in AllHallows. This was a job made even harder due to the county council needing to make huge savings!

Play Park

Theres not much to report on the play park other than the general maintenance of the equipment. Our annual inspection showed up some wear and tear on some of our new play equipment which has been dealt with. My monthly inspection of the play park in ongoing. A major of minor problems are reported in the inspection book and Will Powley usually deals with them.


Janet very kindly continues to produce our newsletter every quarter which we are very grateful to her for. This year saw the launch of the new Binsey link which is being delivered to every house in our parish for free of charge for six months. Another way of letting people knowwhats happening in our area. Laurie Mansfield also keeps the website up to date.

Big lunch

The parish held a big lunch in Junelast year where everyone in the parish was invited to come along, each bringing food to share. This was really well supported, a day out for all of the family with entertainment. It raised £200 for the Hospice purely through donations. This coming June I hope will be even better as it forms part of the Jubilee celebrations.

Thanks to councillors for their support, to Audrey as vice chair, and a very special thanks to Trevor as our clerk.