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AllHallows Parish Meeting 2015.

Welcome to our annual parosh meeting. I would like to round up some points from last year. Although it seems to go in faster each year the parish council work hard on behalf of the parish. This year saw the introduction of our portfolio holders. These consist of Ricky being in charge of the Allotments by doing a monthly inspection and sorting out any problems there may be. Alison is our rep for CALC meetings and reports back any issues which are of interest or concern to the parish council. Simon Reed was our play park portfolio holder reporting any faults back to the council which in turn is handed to out contractor Will Powley to handle any repairs which may be required. This new structure works really well.

However, Simon and Lesley Reid are off on a new and exciting venture to Saudi. Simon has already gone and Lesley will follow in a couple of months. We wish them all the very best for the future and thank them for their contribution to the parish council. Janet Mansfield is our parish newsletter editor who has done this for a number of years and I would also like to thank her for giving up her time to do this.


Parking in Fletchertown has been and continues to be a problem. As a result we have had the recycling bins removed from the old club car park to provide some parking places although we have the centre car park. The centre was having difficulties with parking at the centre when there were functions, also with vehicles being left with no road tax which made the car park look like a scrap yard. Its very difficult when so many houses have more than one vehicle.

AllHallows Centre

The centre continues to do very well with bookings and is well used. The committee continue to think of different ways to raise money and encourage people to support events. It is very will supported with grants from the charity shop and it is money which is always used to improve and enhance the building. You can even come and have a pizza night which I am told was a huge success and people are looking forward to the next one. We need to try new ideas to attract more people and this is a way forward.


We continue to support local charities which benefit the parish. We’ve had a new gate on the small playing field this year. The old one had been on for years. We have also been looking at some new notice boards for the parish and the first one has been ordered to replace the one at WatchHill. Eventually we will replace all he notice boards within the parish soon. We have also been looking for an odd job man but have so far not been successful.

Street lighting

ENW pole renewal

Last year in my report I spoke of the loss of street lights. A year on and we don’t seem to know very much more than we did 12 months ago. So far we have lost none but there are a number of Parish’s which have, nobody seems clear as to what the situation is but we will continue to fight their removal.

Superfast Broadband

It won’t be long!

That concludes my report for this year. Just one last thing to do is to thank all the councillors for their hard work and support over the last 12 months and many thanks to Trevor for all of his hard work and support.