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Fletchertown is a small village in the parish but is the largest centre of population. Fletchertown is also the home of a number of industrial units. The school, closed in 1984, now serves as a local community centre,

The Allhallows Centre


Fletchertown was built by William and Isaac, the Fletcher brothers, to house their employees and their families when the coalmine was built in the 1870s. Before then there was only farm land. The Wesleyan Chapel built in 1898, and a few shops were built to serve the population; Allhallows School had already been started in 1855, before Fletchertown had been thought of. The new All Saint’s Church was built in 1899; this was to replace the Old Church in Mealsgate.  After the Mine closed towards the end of the 1920s, Fletchertown men had difficulty finding employment to replace working in the mine.  Gradually all the shops have closed, now the Chapel has also gone.  Those working now have to commute by car. During the 1980s, most of the old houses were modified to meet modern-day requirements. Allhallows school is now a Community Centre. The village is surrounded by views of Skiddaw and the National Park on one side, Scotland and the Solway on the other.

Mick Jane - Allhallows Community Centre Archive coordinator.

Allhallows Parish Council, Cumbria