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Baggrow is a small village in the parish of Allhallows. In many parts of the village views of England's 4th highest peak Skiddaw, standing 931 metres (3053 ft) above sea level, can be seen to the South East, some 9½ miles away.


Baggrow is a small community close to Blennerhasset, where the children would have attended school, and the population would do their local shopping. Aspatria is four miles away, Cockermouth about ten and Carlisle eighteen miles, so nowadays the village is conveniently situated.  Most of the men would have traditionally been farm workers, miners or worked on the railway.  Now they have to travel to Aspatria, or further afield for work.  The village is also close to the All Saints Church on the Aspatria to Fletchertown Road and is another village that was very affected by the closure of the Allhallows mine and the Brayton Domain Colliery.   Baggrow had a small station on the Bolton Loop line, built in part, to transport the coal from the local mines, to the docks at Workington.  The Fletcher family was also involved in the construction of the line.

Mick Jane - Allhallows Community Centre Archive coordinator.

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